The OSCAR Book Companion: Code & Errata

The book The Computer Algebra System OSCAR presents version 1.0 of the new Computer Algebra System OSCAR. The book is an invitation to use OSCAR. With discussions of theoretical and algorithmic aspects included, it offers a multitude of explicit code snippets. These are valuable for interested researchers from graduate students through established experts.

The book is available from Springer at

This website hosts code samples from the book and provides a list of errata.


Please cite the book as described below :

    Wolfram Decker, Christian Eder, Claus Fieker, Max Horn, Michael Joswig, eds.
    The Computer Algebra System OSCAR: Algorithms and Examples,
    Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics, Springer, 2024. (

If you are using BibTeX, you can use the following BibTeX entries to cite the book :

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